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Jump to. This proposal was collaboratively developed by over partner organizations and individualsand has been endorsed by over 2, creative businesses and creative workers. These actions were arrived at through focus groups with the atories to the Put Creative Workers to Work proposal. To thrive post-pandemic, the United States must leverage our creative power, putting creative workers to work rebuilding, reimagining, unifying, and healing communities in every state and territory, as well as within tribal lands.

Below, we propose 16 specific actions that the next Administration can take to activate the creative economy within a comprehensive national recovery strategy. These audacious federal policy efforts—one by a Democrat, one by a Republican—sparked national recovery at two crucial moments and should inspire action now.

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In each workforce effort, investment in the creative economy has proven essential. Similar investment now will heal the soul of America, create unity, expand and improve infrastructure, address community health, and drive innovation, recovery, and reimagination. We stand ready to answer the call. Activating the creative economy to stimulate recovery just makes sense. Creative workers are a part of every local economy in the United States and, like others who are un- and underemployed, creative workers have much to offer in healing, recovery, and beyond.

Paying artists and other creative workers for their contributions to the health, equity, and well-being of our communities rebuilds our economy. These workers uniquely engage communities to contribute to well-being and connectivity, reflecting back local history, amplifying the unique character of places, and renewing the civic and social lives of community members through their work.

To thrive tomorrow, we must create a jobs ecosystem for creative workers today. Arts and Naked Fort collins lea girls are crucial components of civic dialogue, and research shows that in the primary areas of concern for recovery—including racial justice, health, education, community cohesion, and public safety—the integration of creative workers improves outcomes and sets up the community for success.

Create positions within the Executive Office of the President that will advise the President on issues related to the arts, culture, and creative economy across all federal departments and to coordinate, for the President, the arts and culture making process in the White House, ensure that arts and policy decisions and programs are consistent with the President's stated goals, and monitor implementation of the President's arts policy agenda.

This office will lead arts and cultural initiatives on behalf of the White House both domestically and internationally, including partnering on decision making related arts integration into infrastructure, education, job creation and coordination of the various creative workforce activities implemented at the Departments of Education, Commerce, Transportation, HUD, Labor, Agriculture, Energy, and State; the NEA, NEH, IMLS, and other cultural agencies; and local and state government partners.

Employ creative workers as artists-in-residence, fellows, community or cultural organizers, teaching artists [7]and project managers, with a focus on economy-boosting, living-wage creative jobs that will strengthen our communities, schools, public Naked Fort collins lea girls systems; beautify our infrastructure; create a full and vibrant social and creative life in communities; and lead the transition into the next economy. Creating a matrix of stories and conversations to move a moment of loss into an opportunity for grieving and recovery will aid development of community-driven responses to systemic racism, historic inequities, and recent trauma.

These commissions will illuminate under-told or erased narratives and histories of Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color; immigrants; people in rural communities; people with disabilities; LGBTQIA people; poor people; women; and children. Support local programs that engage artists and creative workers to address community health issues; provide funding and guidelines for states, localities, and tribal governments to commission public health campaigns to increase awareness of, and compliance with, public health mandates; and integrate creative arts therapies into care for those most affected by the pandemic, including specific support for cultural practitioners from Native communities.

This work will allow artists and creative workers to use their creative practice to heal communities, drive social-emotional learning, improve cultural competency and cohesion, address trauma, and inspire new thinking in communities. Support businesses in engaging creative minds to react to changing workplace needs, inspire advances in practice, and drive innovation around products, services, and ways of working. Use financial incentives, such as a tax credit or access to a loan or capital, to fund the positions and work. Support, in conjunction with economic development related organizations, holistic programs and practices that support creative youth development and wellness and that allow young artists to de, develop, and lead programs, initiatives, and community responses.

This can minimize the reaction time and create resources to intervene for both the dislocated workforce and the incumbent workforce members of a community. Without requiring the authorization of any new spending, make targeted policy adjustments to authorize access to federal funds for creative workers and businesses working in communities.

Examples include adjusting language in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act to authorize a Creative Economy Grants program within the Department of Labor and include explicit support for creative enterprise within broader support of Native communities; integrating creative economy apprenticeship and internship grants into the Public Works and Economic Development Act; incentivizing the training and hiring of veterans in creative fields by altering language in 38 U.

Focus on 1 the permanent extension of small business programs and unemployment insurance benefits to self-employed artists, independent contractors, entrepreneurs, [13] and workers who receive both W2s and s, 2 universal access to portable health insurance for a constantly moving workforce, and 3 explicit inclusion of independent workers in policies related to affordable food and housing access.

Through such action, support sustainability and resiliency, create a sense of belonging, improve community and public health, document the moment, and engage the public in community dialogue to process trauma. In addition, formalize creative work as an anchor of innovative transportation initiatives, improve education, document the time, beautify and make sense of places, develop media and awareness campaigns related to health Naked Fort collins lea girls recovery, curate free and low-cost cultural opportunities, and engage the public in essential community dialogue. Ensure that creative entrepreneurs are treated fairly in terms of the federal add-on to state unemployment compensation for Disaster Unemployment Assistance DUA ; pursue regulatory action to eliminate FEMA ineligibility for self-employed workers for Other Needs Assistance ONA tool replacement and eliminate means testing; base the DUA for self-employed workers on business receipts rather than net profit; and end the practice of counting gross receipts against net profit when reducing DUA compensation.

Support cultural organizations and commission free community entertainment, engagement, and partnership opportunities, which can provide community cultural nexus points and valuable social and mental health benefits to community residents. In addition, during recovery and as required, incentivize local and state public and private investment to help cultural venues adapt their facilities and digital platforms, and to generally provide safe settings for family learning, performances, and wellness programs.

These efforts will allow organizations to deliver on their missions in new ways, such as by providing temporary alternate sites for public schools, provide affordable cultural experiences, employ creative workers, and address community health needs, while also reinforcing the essential value of cultural organizations to the fabric of the community.

Direct and fund the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities to underwrite the local- and state-level creation of digital job-training and skill-building support programs for artists and creative workers in order to build digital capacity within the arts. More broadly, invest in broadband access for all and prioritize digital equity, particularly in rural and Native communities, which will improve creative connectivity and access.

We are here and ready to create essential civic dialogue that bridges people and communities, alleviates trauma, and centers equity; document our history, tell the story of our present, and imagine our future; beautify our spaces; improve the safety and efficiency of our transportation; drive innovation; develop media and awareness campaigns; curate free and low-cost cultural opportunities for all; educate our children; and more.

Put creative workers to work alongside all of the others ready to help rebuild and reimagine our communities and places, and the whole country will be made better for it. Inquiries about this proposal can be directed to Clay Lord at clord artsusa. Components of this related to interpreting rules and regulations within federal departments can be completed through executive action.

All changes would unleash the power of creative workers through modest policy expansions. Put Creative Workers to Work.

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To Rebuild and Reimagine the United States Post-Pandemic, We Must Put Creative Workers to Work This proposal was collaboratively developed by over partner organizations and individualsand has been endorsed by over 2, creative businesses and creative workers. Creativity has always been essential to recovery.

Organizational Endorsements. A Reason To Survive. A Studio in the Woods. A Telling Experience. Absolutely Live Entertainment. Academy of Burlesque. Actor's Express. Actor's Theatre of Charlotte. Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation. Akron Symphony Orchestra. Alabama Arts Alliance. Alabama Insitute for Education in the Arts.

Alabama Shakespeare Festival. ALIA Prod. Allenworks Art. Alley Theatre. Alliance for California Traditional Arts. Alliance Theatre. American Alliance of Museums. American Composers Forum.

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American Conservatory Theater. American Craft Council. American Folklore Society. American Midwest Ballet. American Museum of Ceramic Art. American Repertory Theater. American Theatre Wing. American Traditions Vocal Competition. Americans for the Arts Action Fund. Angelina Arts Alliance.

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Ann Arbor Film Festival. Anthony Wayne Area Arts Commission. Apex Express. Appalachian Theatre of the High Country. Apple Tree Arts. Aranjuez Artists Inc. Arbutus Folk School. Arena Stage. Arizona Citizens for the Arts. Arizona Presenters Alliance. Arkansas Artist Association. Arkansas Arts Center.

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Arlington Arts. Arlington Arts Center. Arrington De. Art Hive Magazine. Art House Productions. Art Is King.

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Put Creative Workers to Work