Muscoda WI bi horney housewifes

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HMMMM sounds like there is a reason you him your ex. I am up at 5am I get ready for work, I cook a nice hot breakfast for my kid and put it in the Wives looking sex tonight WV Scherr fridge so all stbx has to do is nuke it. I clean my mess and I am off to work by 6. Come home at 3 make an effort to clean what ever is left to be cleaned at the house. Start to cook dinner and go pick up my. Come home stbx has finished dinner and complains for an hour about how hard Muscoda WI bi horney housewifes day was. I listen smile and nod head.

Play with kid but now we are making to much noise and must stop playing or go outside because stbx has had a hard day. Now I could paint you in this general stroke to and tell you, to woman up and quit complaining but I won't. Instead your experience sucked and I am sorry but trust me it is not an issue of me asking her to do more than me.

It is me asking her to be an equal partner. This is my fault for marrying her and I know that.

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I am fixing that issue today. It still sucks that people that are like this are given the ok to be like this by the law. Sorry just wanted to air my grievence sp? Believe me, your boyfriend sounds like my ex in a lot of ways. This "getting mad and refusing to talk" is NOT a good. Get your self-respect back, please. I got ed up to go with some random ass unit. People I have never served with and dont know at all. I am a higher enlisted so I have to gain trust from said people and at the same time trust leadership from people I dont know. I basiy am being sent to trust people with my life that I dont know.

On top of the fact that the army has decided that I be doing a job over there I have not done since basic training. Anyway besides that I have only been married for 3 months. I have not yet to this day had a realtionship survive me going overseas. I am 0 for 3 right now. I am hoping to make that 1 for 4 but time tell. And she has yet to get her green card which they need me to go to an interview for it to be finalized.

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Which we dont even have an apointment for said interview and I leave for deployment on the 23 of. I was told about it on the 16 of dec. So yeah. We have been totally and royally screwed. We have no money and we are homeless. At this point, we are staying with a friend while I am awaiting a check from my sister which be a part of the security on the new place, if it materializes.

I am still unemployed, although I belive that I have an offer of employment very. It sounded like an offer, but I can't pin him down. ON the other front, GG sustained a fairly serious leg injury on the motorcycle yesterday, and we spent the day in the ER while they decided to send her to a larger hospital or not. It be a very severe sprain, or if could be a dislocation or a fracture.

She has had a bad fracture there before and so it isn't clear if the fracture they are looking at is old or new. The friend we are stying with is a little prickly, and we don't know how we be there.

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Muscoda WI bi horney housewifes

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