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The key to managing a useful and healthy network is to be a good professional friend and keep in touch. T his means some real contact at least every 6 months if you expect a former colleague or professional friend to remember you.

People remember others if they are helpful. I am now personal friends with Doug, of Doug's List because he puts together a list of resources for job seekers and shares that with me. Doug became someone I wanted and looked forward to connecting with because he was not a taker of information he was a sharer.

Here are 10 Things You can give your network.

Be of use to people you are starting a network with, share materials from a workshop, class, book you read, web site you checked out or a social media blog. This attitude creates a vibrant dynamic that will benefit everyone and gives you an item for discussion or something to follow up on in future connections.

I learned this strategy from Pam founder of Career Makers - If I used to work with Jackie and she introduces me to Rose, I will thank her for that introduction. I will let Jackie know that her connecting me to Rose has lead to my meeting Cheri. Continually show your gratitude for the help and advice you receive. If this whole thing seems uncomfortable and daunting or you are new to the area, try networking for fun and pleasure try meetup.

Building Meaningful Relationships. Article - Tips on common networking mistakes. Tips for virtual networking - but useful for any networking event. First Impression - Sounding Confident on the Phone. Reaching out Intern Hustle. Creating a Personal Web. Need to start a network? Here are some ready made opportunities that you can step into. You should make sure that you have a business card to hand out at a networking event, and any event can be networking. If you do not have a title in mind but do have skill sets you want to use, you can list that.

Article - How to prepare for a networking event. Information Record for informational interviews.

Toastmasters International: www. American Counseling Association - How to use a Conference. Reasons to use social media in a professional manner. Presentation from the National Association of Colleges and Employers on social media. The Cascade Career center's spot has a listing of social media workshops as well as social media links.

When you are finished tinkering, go back and recheck the box. Every Monday, take 10 minutes out of your morning to pay-it-forward by endorsing 10 people in your LinkedIn network. Imagine how you Youre Columbus me woman pcc s feel if in your inbox on a Monday a. Recommendations are essential to you. Seek them proactively and seek them passively. Proactive recommendation seeking involves reaching out and asking someone to recommend you.

Passive recommendation seeking involves recommending someone, at which point LinkedIn asks them to recommend you back. The latter is actually a bit more effective. There are few things worse than meeting someone for the first time and not recognizing them because the profile photo is from 10 years ago or longer!

Use a photo of YOU in your profile — not an object. Your face should radiate warmth and approachability. Photos should be professionally done, if possible but not glamour shots. Wear your most complementary color. Bright colors can attract attention, but avoid patterns. Tips for Men: Wear a dark blue or black dress shirt. Tips for Women: Wear something you feel comfortable in. Soft, dark v-necks look great. Black always works; avoid white. Example: Which of the following is easier to read? Obviously, the second one is easier to read and comprehend because of the formatting. The vertical lines separate the data and enable the reader to comprehend better what you are telling them you do.

Check out who can see your past posts—and limit the audience if you're not comfortable with anything. Consider who you're sharing with today. Each time you post a new photo, status update, link or other content, you get to set the privacy for it.

Just look for the audience selector:. To review or change who can see your stuff, any time, visit your privacy shortcuts. Just click the lock at the top of any of Facebook. Click to see an article on researching employers via social media from Alison Doyle About. There are many list serves or blog forums on job search sites such as: Careerealism, Indeed, Glass Door, Simply Hired, Careerbuilder or Nettemps just to name a Youre Columbus me woman pcc s. Before striking out as a consultant, Alison Green was chief of staff for a medium-sized organization. Every day she answers questions about workplace and job search topics.

Laura Schlafly, a career coach in Oregon, blogs about helping professionals with midlife job changesespecially second careers after retirement. Jenny Xie posts several times a week about topics of interest to interns and college studentsincluding tips about landing internships and making the most of them.

The InternMatch site includes hundreds of internship openings across the country. An Oregon-based social media expert, Joshua Waldman writes for job seekers looking for comprehensive information about conducting a job search online. Aimee Fahey is a recruiter and career coach in Portland, Oregon.

She blogs daily and her columns include interviews with human resources leaders, job search tips, and career advice. Arnie Fertig lives in New England where he ran his own recruiting company for 10 years. He now helps people master the skills they need for focused job searches and shares what he learned as a recruiter via weekly blog posts.

Jenny Foss is an author, speaker and writer in Oregon. Jenny Blake is an author and career and business coach in New York City. A former Google employee, Jenny and her team write about life, careers, goals, and relationships with a special focus on issues of interest to somethings. Speaker, author, and writer Dawn Rasmussen works from Portland, Oregon.

It also features an excellent blog that aggregates content from national career sites. A founder of Brazen Careerist, a career site for professionals, Penelope writes regularly about career, management and job search issues of interest to Generation Y. Return to Main. Not sure which one you are referring to but thank you. Feel free to share out and send me articles to post. Tanya's Career s. A t tachments 5 History. Skip to end of banner. Jira links. Here are a few tools for you to use to begin developing "visual Aids" for your accomplishments.

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Youre Columbus me woman pcc s

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